Let’s define some stages Kernelvaults will have to pass in order to reach its final form.

The LGE is scheduled for January 2021. This should be a trivial step but KERNEL fair launch must be done under the best conditions, Kernelvaults developers not focusing on marketing but on delivering a…

A new tokenomics standard has been established in DeFi, making non-inflationary farming possible. Kernel vaults is grateful to develop on this model in order to bring a whole new concept to the field.

Numerous cVault forks have mainly emphasized the power of non-inflationary tokenomics, setting aside the development of new…

Kernel Vaults is launching KERNEL, a non-inflationary cryptocurrency designed to build a hedge fund of a new kind for DeFi 2.0.

KERNEL ecosystem will enable farmers (LP stakers) to benefit from a 1% additional transaction fee distributed as reward on every KERNEL transaction, but also from the performances of a…


Decentralized Hedge Fund powered by non-inflationary tokenomics

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