Let’s define some stages Kernelvaults will have to pass in order to reach its final form.

The LGE is scheduled for January 2021. This should be a trivial step but KERNEL fair launch must be done under the best conditions, Kernelvaults developers not focusing on marketing but on delivering a cutting hedge product, the release date will strongly depend on the commitment from the early community to spreading the word. Either way, we firmly believe that Kernelvaults’ visibility will increase exponentially given its fundamentals. A quality project will eventually attract well-informed investors.

The deployed KERNEL smart contracts consist of an updated version of the already audited cvault code. After a successful launch, the dev fund will allow Kernelvaults to submit Kernel Lending contracts code for new security audits in order to keep delivering a safe product.

Once the Hedge Fund has accumulated a sufficient amount of DAI in order to allocate it to filling the lending vaults, Kernel fair loans and collateral staking systems will be launched, allowing everyone to benefit from it. At this point Kernelvaults will have passed a significant milestone, bringing a whole new concept to decentralized finance.

Onchain voting will help fulfilling our vision of decentralization. Kernelvaults base principles are set in stone, but there are still some variables the community has to define.

The first LGE of its kind, an event that enables the community to vote for the amount to be allocated by the Hedge Fund in order to market buy KERNEL and match them with the chosen crypto-asset, with the consequence of further increasing the floor price. This leads to the creation of a new locked liquidity pool the profits of which are fully distributed to the KERNEL LP stakers. Each new Hedge Fund Liquidity Generation Event must take place on a different decentralized exchange in order to optimize volume distribution.

The Hedge Fund’s main goal is to lend on the Kernel Lending platform, however, once the product reaches a sustainability threshold, it becomes possible to move part of the funds to other DeFi platforms that offer attractive protocols for stablecoin lending or liquidity provision. The community will be able to vote for new proposals and choose how much the Hedge Fund will spend on them.

This is the second and a priori the last Hedge Fund LGE, three pools are more than enough to create an ever-going arbitrage between KERNEL pairs, still, the community will decide whether or not we should continue to create new Hedge Fund LGEs in order to deploy KERNEL on more exchanges.

That is it, Kernelvaults is now what it is meant to be and will eventually take its rightful place. The Hedge Fund is growing without limits, the volume is good so is the APY, and the lending vaults attract investors and other DeFi protocols. KERNEL is alive and belongs to its community which continues to maneuver the funds from one strategy to another, while benefiting from a lifetime yield generation.

Decentralized Hedge Fund powered by non-inflationary tokenomics